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    Why Should General Dentists Be Placing Implants?

    Every dentist possesses the skill set to place a dental implant and, with the right training and a simple product, can be placing implants and improving patient satisfaction. Yet despite all the benefits for patients and dental practices, have you ever wondered why some are implant dentists and some are not?

    The list below details a few of the common reasons why dentists don't place, and the rebuttable of why they in fact should. At Zuga, we try to help guide general dentists placing implants with accurate information and training so they can decide what is best for their practice and their patients.


    Reason NOT to Place: Patients don't want implants

    Reason TO Place: Patients want a solution that is reliable and long lasting

    Patients want a solution that is reliable and long lasting. Dental implants provide a solution, which includes emotional benefits, aids chewing ability, improves aesthetics and decreases bone resorption. A patient can't make an educated decision without knowing all of the options available to them. With a little explanation, your patients will understand that dental implants will help them achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.


    Reason NOT to Place: Patients can't afford implants

    Reason TO Place: Dental implants are more cost effective long term

    From a cost perspective, many doctors suggest bridges and partial dentures because they believe that these procedures are less expensive. However, when you consider the potential future costs of a bridge or denture you may find that an implant is the more cost effective restoration. Have you had patients who needed additional treatment due to decay or endodontic therapy on previously restored teeth? Have you had patients that have to replace their denture because it was lost, destroyed, or due to ongoing atrophy? If so, the total costs of these treatments could outweigh the cost of implant reconstruction.


    Reason NOT to Place: I don't know how to place dental implants

    Reason TO Place: Zuga's system is simple and easy to learn

    For some doctors it's too much of a hassle to figure out which implant system to use. Some implant companies have catalogs that are so extensive you need a class on ordering the right implant. Selecting your implant should not be the hardest part of your procedure. To learn more about why Zuga’s system is simple and easy to use click below:


    For other doctors, the issue is getting the right additional training to have the confidence placing implants. For many of these doctors, the right program hasn't been introduced to them. A good training program isn't a one size fits all solution for every doctor. Every doctor has different needs and requirements to become comfortable placing implants. To learn how Zuga tailors training programs to each doctor click below:


    Reason NOT to Place: I'm too busy to place dental implants

    Reason TO Place: Avoid specialist referrals and keep patients with you

    We know many great clinicians simply don't have the time to perform additional procedures. Their schedule is already booked out several months and it just doesn't make sense to begin placing implants. It is important to remember that you’re a trusted provider by your patients.  While some may be fine with being referred to a specialist, others may have anxiety about going somewhere else for a significant procedure. Why not join other general dentists placing implants and help the patients that may be uneasy leaving you?


    Reason NOT to Place: It's too costly to place dental implants

    Reason TO Place: A simplified system reduces cost

    A majority of systems require an expensive upfront purchase and then expensive training programs to better understand implants. A simplified system helps general dentists placing implants reduce the cost of placing implants in your office. To learn how you can minimize your upfront costs click below:


    To see even more reasons why Zuga may be the right system for you click below:


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