What are the Benefits of Zuga Dental Implants?

Zuga's digital implant procedures are often advantageous over traditional procedures
  • 1 Minimally invasive
  • 2 Fewer office visits
  • 3 Improved accuracy
  • 4 Better esthetics
  • 5 Eliminates damage to the adjacent teeth

A Zuga implant is minimally invasive, easy to maintain, and provides a more permanent solution than bridges or other tooth replacement options.


Traditional Restorative Methods Are:

  • Expensive

    Traditional restorative methods need to be replaced and can be more expensive over time.

  • Destructive

    Dental bridges cause damage to adjacent teeth, potentially leading to future complications.

  • Difficult to Maintain

    False teeth can have complicated, expensive maintenance, and require repairs and replacement.

Zuga's Implants Are:

  • Minimally-invasive

    Zuga’s localized approach to gum management can eliminate the need for a second surgery.

  • Easier on Adjacent Teeth

    Zuga’s implants can eliminate the need for a bridge, minimizing damage done to adjacent teeth.

  • Easy to Maintain

    A Zuga restored implant lasts up to 40 years and is maintained the same way as your natural teeth.