Zuga Implant Training(8 CE’s)

The GP's Course on Placing Implants: Simple Implant Placment for the Modern Dentist

  • Fri, July 28th 9:00a-5:00p
  • Weds, August 23rd 9:00a-5:00p
  • Fri, October 20th 9:00a-5:00p

Zuga Global Center for Digital Dentistry (located within ROE Dental Lab)

7165 E. Pleasant Valley Rd
Independence, OH 44131

The training course, taught by Jeffrey Gross, DDS, FAGD, will step you through the entire implantation process including choosing the right cases, case planning, extracting, bone grafting, performing the surgery, and the restoration process. Participants will get familiar with the Zuga tool kit and drill sequence by placing implants on models. A live surgery will also be performed so Dr’s can observe and ask questions. Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided. Dr’s and Assistants in attendance will receive the CE’s.

For more information or to sign up contact Zuga at 216-292-5910 or sales@zugamedical.com

CBCT Dental Implant Scans & Training

The Zuga Medical approach to education and training is unique to the dental implant industry. Many implant providers simply ship implant kits to a doctor and leave it up to the doctor to search for his or her own training and access to CBCT dental scans. Not Zuga. Here’s the most important information you need to know about our dental implants training capabilities:

Our straight-forward product design makes the dental implants procedure incredibly easy to learn. We understand there is a great responsibility with placing an implant in one of your patients, and our simple dental implants solution resolves most of those concerns.
We have a full dental implant training series for every Zuga dentist.
Zuga dentists can access CBCT dental imaging technology at a training facility in Northeast Ohio for free.
We provide live surgery classes led by general dentists like you.
On demand assistance is available for the rare occasions it may be needed.
CBCT Dental Imaging Laboratory.

In partnership with Roe Laboratories, we provide Zuga dentists with free access to our new training facility where they can use CBCT dental implant imaging. We know access to CBCT technology can be expensive and inconvenient, but we also know CBCT significantly reduces risk to the patient undergoing a dental implants procedure. Our dental laboratory in Northeast Ohio is home to a surgical suite where dental appliances, crowns and more can be made during the training process, making the dental implants process even simpler.

CBCT Dental  Implant Scans and Training at Zuga Medical

Basic Dental Implant Training

For a doctor who has never placed an implant, or hasn't placed one for an extended period of time, we offer a full training series. We take into account each doctor’s previous experience in placing and restoring implants and then design a training course to teach the dental implants procedure in a way that works for them.

Our basic dental implants training courses begin with an eight hour, hands-on training class taught by a Zuga general dentist.  During each training class, attendees will have the opportunity to place sample implants into different density bone blocks to get a feel for surgical drilling.  Basic training helps Zuga doctors better understand the dental implant procedure, what it should feel like, and how to establish whether or not a patient is a good candidate for this type of restoration.

Live Surgery

After doctors graduate from basic training, they progress to our live surgery portion of dental implants training.  During the live surgery stage, trainees are brought into an operatory to watch one of our Zuga general dentist trainers place an implant in a patient.  The doctors will be able to view how the trainer evaluates the patient, plans the dental implants procedure, and surgically places the implant.

The training doctor then has the option to bring one of their patients to the Zuga trainer's office to place their first implant.  Should they decide this is the best option, the Zuga trainer will be with the training doctor during every step to ensure a seamless dental implant procedure.

On Demand Assistance

The Zuga dental implant solution and training process is so simple that many times dentists don’t need ongoing support. However once the doctor is ready to place an implant in their own practice, we continue to provide support with our on demand assistance.

Surgical 911 - Our surgical on demand assistance helps connect doctors with a surgical specialist to guide them through any issue which may arise.  Surgical 911 is a great tool for doctors who are planning their first implant, or for doctors who feel they may have a problematic case.  If an issue comes up, the doctor can allow the specialist to correspond remotely to their computer to view images and give guidance.
Restorative 911 - Our restorative on demand assistance helps doctors during the restoration portion of the dental implant procedure.  Have questions about using our margin ring?  Interested in using CAD/CAM to restore your implant?  Our restorative 911 team has you covered.
Advanced Training

Our advanced dental implant training is conducted via webinars and live events.  Some doctors may decide that single site implants are as far as they would like to travel down the implant trail.  Other doctors may want to learn more and practice advanced procedures.  For doctors who want to continue on, we offer webinars to explain more complex dental implant procedures.  Our live events are meant to show doctors how to plan treatment and place implants in more advanced procedures.

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