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    Zuga Medical’s dental implants and restoration process is designed to be simple yet highly effective for dentists who are new to placing implants. Here’s how:

    • CBCT and guide bring greater confidence
    • Minimally invasive approach reduces need for flaps
    • Simple, color coded toolkit
    • Straight-forward, simple, implant and restoration kit selections
    • And more


    CBCT Brings Greater Confidence

    General dentists using CBCT scans prior to implant planning have greater confidence in the dental implant planning process. This is because CBCT significantly reduces the risk to dentist and patient. The reason is threefold:

    • Scans show the interior of the jaw and teeth in a three dimensional fashion
    • Image can be rotated so the dentist can see nerves, jaw bone, and tissue fully
    • Dentists can include the implant which allows them to virtually place the implant before they start any surgery


    Surgical Guides Improve Placement Accuracy

    As a Zuga dentist, you have the ability to send email CBCT scans of your patient’s jaw area, after which Zuga can also send to them a competitively priced surgical guide. Or, if you prefer, you can send these scans to any preferred surgical guide providers.

    Surgical guides are particularly useful when placing two or more implants and in most cases help reduce the risk involved in placing an implant.


    Minimally Invasive Approach Reduces Need for Flaps

    Compared to traditional dental implants procedures, the flapless technique allows the implants to be drilled directly through the soft tissue into the bone. This reduces bleeding, surgery time, postoperative pain felt by the patient, and soft tissue inflammation – making for a faster, easier recovery. This is also a more ideal technique for patients with other health concerns, like those who are on blood-thinners.


    Simple, Color-Coded Toolkit

    Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to use a complicated dental implants toolkit. Zuga offers a color-coded surgical kit which gives you everything you need to meet your placement needs in a clear, efficient manner.

    Each toolkit has the necessary punch, drills and ratchet required for any dental implants procedure. If you’re worried about over-drilling, you’ll love how each one of our drills have an automatic stop at the desired depth to prevent over-drilling.


    Zuga’s Margin Ring for Easier Restoration and More Perfect Margins

    Zuga’s patent pending margin ring offers the lowest cost, easiest to use means of getting as near a perfect margin as possible.

    The margin ring surrounds the abutment and can be used with both digital and classic impression techniques.


    Simple Implant and Restoration Kit Selections

    If you’re new to placing implants and need all the information you can get, but don’t have time to waste digging through a catalog, the simplicity of Zuga is just what you need.

    Some dental implant companies have catalogs that are so extensive you need a class on ordering the right implant. Zuga is different, because our catalogs are simple. Choose among straight-forward implant and restoration kits – not a heap of items you don’t need.

    Browse our catalog (PDF)


    Straight-Forward Dental Implants Cost Information

    Zuga strives to provide transparent investment information for all doctors. We understand the need to identify how placing implants will impact your revenue, and our goal is to not only help you see the benefits of this investment, but help your patients see it as well.

    You don’t need complicated options. You don’t need confusing information. You need clarity, simplicity and straightforwardness. And that’s exactly what Zuga Medical provides.

    See our simple investment analysis now.

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