Digital Dentistry

Digital Implant Solutions for the Modern Dentist

ZugaLink is a unique cloud based service allows doctors to easily upload CBCT and intraoral scans used for designing plans for implant surgery, surgical guides, and final restorations. ZugaLink experts are available to digitally plan your next implant surgery and provide you with a surgical guide, giving you additional confidence when performing an implant surgery.

If the dentist has 3D printing capability in-practice, then the Zuga Z-guide can be printed chairside with the dentist making a few final assemblies to provide an accurate and effective surgical guide. For large dental chains, ZugaLink can be licensed for in-house centralized implant planning and Z-guide creation.

Zuga is happy to recommend to dentists Oral Scanning and CBCT systems that integrate with the comprehensive Zuga digital solution.

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