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    When placing dental implants, using dental imaging like CBCT is ideal. The CAD/CAM software can virtually reflect a 3D dental implant within the design, making it a crucial piece of the implant planning process. In a matter of 15 second or less, this technology can spot:

    • Anatomic structures
    • Incisive canal
    • Submandibular fossa
    • Mandibular cana
    • Maxillary sinus
    • Shape and size of the ridge
    • Quality and quantity of bones
    • Amount of bone loss

    Even more helpful in the implant planning process is the ability to include the implant and virtually place it before the start of any surgical procedure.

    The trouble most dentists have is finding access to expensive dental CBCT technology. Zuga Medical offers free CBCT services to all general dentists who use Zuga implants.

    Why Use 3D Dental Imaging Through Zuga?

    Free Use: Dental CBCT imaging can be expensive but as a Zuga customer, you can access the equipment for free. Non-Zuga dentists can use the dental CBCT service for a fee.

    Dental Implant Ease of Use: Zuga’s simple dental implants match the most popular CBCT software. Dentists can use CBCT software and select Zuga implants, determine design direction, size and length, and then order the most accurate implant size directly from Zuga.

    Reduced Dental Implant Risk: Since CBCT reduces risk to dentist and patient when placing implants, access to this equipment provides the confidence you need to begin placing.

    Neutral Location: Zuga’s dental CBCT service is located at a neutral location in Independence, Ohio. Any general dentist using Zuga’s implants can use the facility and it’s CBCT services.

    Surgical Suite Access: Additionally, Zuga has outfitted an entire implant surgical suite at the facility mentioned above. Any dentist can use this for training, as it contains a large training space and video feed access.

    How to Use CBCT Software to Place Zuga Implants

    Here are the steps to using dental CBCT software with Zuga implants:

    1. Open the CBCT software.
    2. Identify the tooth you will implant.
    3. Import the patient’s CBCT scan into the software.
    4. Create the 3D implant model in the software.
    5. Measure the jaw and identify the tooth position.
    6. Design the implant crown.
    7. Design the implant site and surgery base on the crown position.
    8. Find the Zuga dental implant and place the implant on the implant site.
    9. Place the dental implant and specify the placement direction.
    10. Finalize the implant direction base on the restoration.
    11. Send the final image to the dental laboratory where a surgical guide will be created, or send the image to yourself as a reference for the actual dental implant procedure.

    Ready to get started using dental CBCT services and placing dental implants? Contact Zuga Medical now.

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