Articles and Case Studies

  • CASE STUDY: Complete Digital Restoration Single Implant
    Written by Dr. Charles Babbush DDS, MScD

    The patient is edentulous in the upper left maxillary lateral incisor region (no. 10). The treatment plan was an implant and cemented crown. Subsequently, a 3.5 x 10mm Zuga implant with a sealing cap was placed. The restoration was planned using state-of-the art digital technology.

  • Surgical Techniques: Flap vs. Flapless
    Written by Dr. Jeffrey Gross DDS, Dr. Charles Babbush DDS, MScD

    We will look at which situations indicate a flapless procedure, if the patient is a candidate for flapless, and the surgical protocol. We will discuss flap techniques both in designing the shape of the flap and incisions, as well as surgical tips and techniques.

    Tags: surgical